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How about Baosida glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-15
Boshida Glasses is a national chain glasses retail enterprise, and also a professional service optical shop with modern glasses concept. Boshida's English name is 'BESTNowadays, there are many chain institutions in the country, and they also have certain strength in the glasses market. Let's take a look at how Boshida glasses are. Its predecessor was founded in 1987. It is a relatively small storefront. After years of development, it has grown into a large-scale glasses chain enterprise. Serve customers with the concepts of integrity, learning, hard work, teamwork and gratitude, and provide a happy shopping experience. In order to better meet the needs of different consumer classes, Boshida Optical has designed optical shops with different concepts. High-end shopping malls and flagship stores have thoughtful and professional services, as well as high-level consumers' favorite glasses brands. Specialized stores provide customers with stylish and unique eyewear collections. The school district store mainly provides a variety of fashionable and novel eyewear styles for trendy young people. Boshida Glasses sells various types of glasses, mainly including contact lenses, colored contact lenses, sunglasses, spectacle frames, functional glasses, care tools, lenses, care solution/eye lotion, and sports glasses. In the process of continuous development, Boshida Group is also constantly improving itself. It cooperates with Essilor Group in France, Kikuchi Optometry Professional School in Japan and some optical centers of optical brands in Taipei Optometry Center in Taiwan. Boshida glasses will develop out of a wider realm.
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