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How about Boreal contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-31
Braya contact lenses are exclusively produced by South Korea’s Niubai Ouzhu. The company is a large contact lens manufacturer and has introduced advanced Korean production technology to ensure excellent product quality and excellent wearing comfort. At the same time, it instantly brightens the look and temperament of your eyes, highlighting the elegant temperament and charm of urban women. So how about Boreal contact lenses, let's take a look with the editor below. Features of Braia contact lenses The lens is made of HEMAMMA NVP material that is in line with the US FDA certification, which can block 100% ultraviolet and infrared rays, filter out various irregular and harmful glare, and ensure the clarity and comfort of the field of view. The moderate water content of the 42% lens and the moderate base arc of 8.6mm fit the eyeball perfectly. Wearing it for a long time will not cause discomfort such as dry eyes, astringent eyes and sore eyes. The lens diameter of 14mm, combined with the advanced technology of South Korea, makes the lens shape very good, easy to take and wear. The advantages of Braia contact lenses are aspherical design, the lens fits well, and it is comfortable to wear; the moderate water content of the lens makes the eyes not easy to dry and moisturize and comfortable to wear. The pattern of the lens is designed according to the eyeball pattern, coupled with the advanced interlayer technology, the color layer does not directly touch the eyeball, the wearing effect is natural, safe and comfortable. The ultra-tough HEMA MMA NVP lens material is used, and the lens is not easy to be worn, so you can use it as you like. The moderate lens is directly and completely fit the eyeballs, making your eyes bigger and more charming.
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