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How about Burberry sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-14
Burberry is a British luxury brand, but also a brand with a strong British traditional style. Burberry, with hundreds of years of experience, has cleverly used the British plaid logo and the elegant design representing fashion and identity in the design of its sunglasses. Whether it is a simple design or a noble design, it shows its beauty as always. Elegant style, let's take a look at how Burberry sunglasses are. Burberry's products are very well-known, focusing on traditional noble design, its products are very extensive, and the multi-level product series meets the needs of consumers of different ages and genders. Burberry sunglasses have inherited its consistent exquisite design and workmanship, high-quality quality and elegant style are very popular among the upper class. Noble and elegant style, different from ordinary sunglasses design, with irregular shape design, angular frame, the line of the whole frame has a colder feeling, and the design of the temples also pays attention to the coolness of the lines. The geometric three-dimensional shape design has a sharp contrast with the softness and smoothness of the curved part, but it complements the line sense of the frame and has an excellent three-dimensional effect, and the gloss of the frame is well displayed from all sides after being illuminated by light. Come out, more noble. Sunglasses with fashionable sheet metal frames, frames made of high-grade sheet metal, simple style design, excellent texture, under the action of light, it has a unique luster. The classic plaid design at the link applies the elegant British style in it, and the smooth lines will be beautifully interpreted in it. Burberry sunglasses have various styles, including fashionable styles for men and women, as well as casual styles for men, square men's, popular leopard-print women's models, etc. In the design, especially on the temples, you can see The pattern design of their respective stripes widely applies traditional British elegance elements to them.
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