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How about Cartier sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-20
Cartier has become a world-renowned brand for its jewelry, watches and accessories. Its products have won the appreciation and respect of royalty and celebrities with its innovative ideas and unique designs. Cartier's high-end watches, jewelry, wedding and engagement rings, leather goods and other luxury goods are very popular with celebrities. Let's take a look at how Cartier sunglasses are. C DECOR series C DECOR series series is characterized by its C-shaped decoration and frameless sunglasses. Simple and elegant style, made of different materials, all show the professional, traditional and outstanding production characteristics of Cartier. The frame material is mainly made of wood, horn, plate, or precious materials. The C DECOR collection of sunglasses comes in a variety of styles. Rosewood material, wooden sunglasses carved with tiger pattern, polished platinum-plated finish, gradient lens effect, it shows the different characteristics of Cartier sunglasses. Wooden polished platinum-plated finish, gray gradient silver mirror effect; horn material has gold-plated finish, platinum-plated finish, gold-plated finish, champagne-colored gold-plated finish, and a variety of styles to meet everyone's needs. The PREMIRE DE CARTIER series of PREMIRE CARTIER sunglasses has a trendy and fashionable line design. Three metal rivets in three different finishes, platinum-plated, gold-plated and ruthenium-plated, highlight its unique beauty and show dignity and elegance. The lenses are mainly polarized lenses, and the colors include gray lenses, green lenses, and brown polarized lenses. The frame material is mainly plate.
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