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How about Clayton Sunglasses?_Sunglasses Knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-21
Nowadays, sunglasses are not only used as a piece of equipment for going out activities, but also used for decoration. A pair of beautiful sunglasses is not only the best product to protect the eyes in summer, but also a fashion accessory to show personal style. Maybe most people know something about domestic sunglasses brands, so how about this more popular domestic Clayton sunglasses? Let's take a look. Clayton sunglasses are a kind of polarized lens, which not only has the function of anti-ultraviolet, but also has the function of polarized lens, which has a good blocking effect on those glare, reflected light from water surface, and snow light. Polarized lenses are a layered substance made of seven layers of lens material. The first layer is wear-resistant strengthening treatment layer, the second layer is UV400 ultraviolet absorption layer, the third layer is impact-resistant strengthening layer, the fourth layer is polarizing layer, and the fifth layer is impact-resistant strengthening layer. The sixth layer is UV absorbing layer, and the seventh layer is the bottom layer with wear-resisting strengthening treatment. This kind of lens with TAC thickening and strengthening polarized lens is specially strengthened, which is effective in abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance, blocking strong light, eliminating harmful ultraviolet rays, protecting your eyes and vision, and making your vision clearer and more supple. The polarized eyeglass lens adopts TAC enhanced polarized lens, which greatly reduces the glare and eliminates the reflected light. It is the first choice for summer outdoor, fishing, driving, sailing, hunting, skiing and sports. The polarizing angle and radian of the lens are professionally designed and processed, and there will be no scene distortion and dizziness when wearing. Made of high-quality materials and optical frame production process, it has the characteristics of firmness, not easy to deform, bright and firm. The temples are made of high-quality alloy and streamlined metal design. It is a classic that is used by domestic first-line brands. The joints of the temples are fixed with small screws, which can be bent at will, not easily deformed, natural and beautiful, and durable. The metallic frame makes you a gentleman businessman without any rigidity, showing an intellectual style. Whether you are working or dating, you can show your unique temperament. Unique non-slip nose pads, better care of your nose bridge. Fine welding and consistent surface treatment inside and outside make the glasses more quality. The tail of the streamlined temples is inlaid with three-dimensional rubber that highlights the sense of movement, so that the whole pair of glasses is no longer monotonous, simple and stylish. There are various styles of Clayton sunglasses. Men's have classic toad sunglasses and fashionable sunglasses. Men's sunglasses are more stable, fashionable, confident and successful in design. The lines are smooth and dignified. domineering. Women's fashion sunglasses are more attractive in design. At the link, there is a small flower or other texture design, which is more delicate and elegant. Soft lines and good gloss. On the whole, it shows elegant and fashionable features, whether it is men's or women's models, it can show the personal temperament very well.
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