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How about Coach Sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-14
In the eyewear industry, many ancient and classic sunglasses brands have their own unique styles. Among them, Kou Chi is one of the classic sunglasses brands. It follows the casual and comfortable style of New York, with simple fashion, sexy and changeable as the brand concept, exuding a unique urban image. Let's take a look at how Kou Chi sunglasses are. The brand story of Kou Chi sunglasses Kou Chi (Coach) was born in New York, USA in 1941. It was founded by a group of cobblers. Like CK and Porsche, Kou Chi is a well-known brand in the sunglasses industry. Successful leather goods brand. However, Kou Chi sunglasses follow the style of this leather product, with simplicity and durability as the product concept, which has won the love and pursuit of many consumers. Since its establishment in 1941, the Kouchi brand has more than 200 branches in the United States. Whether it is leather products or sunglasses, it has been favored by fashion street photographers in Europe and the United States. How about Kou Chi sunglasses In the design of sunglasses styles, Kou Chi mainly focuses on simple and fashionable style, but it can show nobility and elegance in simplicity. At the same time, in the design of the frame lines, more fashion elements are incorporated, combining traditional and popular elements, and successfully bringing the style of the Kouchi brand into full play. The design on the outside of the temples is more subtle, and different styles are matched with different accessory patterns, making Kouchi sunglasses in a simple, noble and elegant brand. Moreover, the unique and creative design of Kou Chi sunglasses, each frame gives people an atmospheric shape, perfectly showing the classics and meaning in details. Kouchi sunglasses use high-tech resin lenses. The surface is treated with multiple coating layers. In addition to 100% blocking ultraviolet rays and filtering out harmful glare, Kouchi sunglasses also have the advantages of scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and good clarity. Clear and broad vision experience. At the same time, the perfect connection between the lens and the frame makes the sunglasses very well fixed and not easy to fall off. Kou Chi, like many brand sunglasses, such as Ray-Ban sunglasses, Paramount sunglasses, and Gucci sunglasses, incorporate classic elements of retro and fashion into the product design, making sunglasses wear more noble.
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