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How about color-changing sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-20
The appearance of color-changing sunglasses has satisfied myopia patients' desire to wear sunglasses. The so-called color-changing sunglasses is that when exposed to the sun, the spectacle lens will automatically change color. Compared with the other two kinds of myopic sunglasses, color-changing sunglasses have the greater advantage of convenience, and the degree of discoloration and recovery in the sun is very good, but the price is a bit expensive. So let’s take a look at the color-changing sunglasses now. The main principle of color-changing sunglasses The main principle of color-changing sunglasses is to rely on ultraviolet radiation to produce a special chemical reaction. As the name suggests, the lenses of color-changing sunglasses contain certain chemical substances, such as 'silver chloride or silver halide' organic molecules. When irradiated by sunlight and ultraviolet rays, these organic molecules will undergo a chemical reaction process, which changes the shape of their internal molecules, and a part of new organic molecules will be produced. However, these new organic molecules will absorb part of the visible light, which will darken the lenses and turn them into lenses of other colors. This is the principle of the so-called color-changing sunglasses. The advantages and disadvantages of color-changing sunglasses: The production principle of color-changing sunglasses can satisfy myopia patients who want to wear sunglasses. In myopia lenses, organic molecules of 'silver chloride or silver halide' can also be added to satisfy myopia. The visual requirements can meet all the functions of sunglasses. Disadvantages: Compared with ordinary sunglasses, discoloration sunglasses have poor light transmittance, especially indoors, which can easily cause symptoms such as eye fatigue, dry and itchy eyes. Therefore, it is better not to wear color-changing sunglasses indoors to avoid eyesight from being overworked. When choosing color-changing sunglasses, it is better to go to a more formal eyewear chain store or an online eyewear store with a 'medical equipment business licenseAvoiding the purchase of products is a disadvantage, otherwise the effect is not only not as good as you think, but it will also cause adverse effects such as decreased eyesight.
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