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How about contact lenses in Korea?_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-12
Because wearing contact lenses can make the eyes look bigger, it is very popular with many girls; the rapid development of the domestic contact lens market has the potential to surpass frame glasses; but there is a new team whose market share is slowly growing , that is Korean contact lenses. Due to the rich colors and outstanding achievements of Korean colored contact lenses, they have gradually become synonymous with color lenses. How about contact lenses in Korea? Color contact lenses have been developed in Korea for many years, and the production technology is very mature. So Korean contact lenses are more reliable. There are many brands of contact lenses in Korea, such as GEO and BESCON, which are all very popular now. Due to the bold design of lens colors and patterns, it caters to many wearing styles and is sought after by young friends. Especially the brand GEO, I believe that people who have worn colored contact lenses will not be unaware, and this keyword in Baidu is also the most relevant link. The reason for this is entirely because of its beautiful patterns, especially GEO The water gel series is more watery, looks very transparent, and feels very comfortable to wear. In addition to these few features, it is favored by people in the fashion industry, the queen color film of Japanese models, and the strong recommendation in Taiwan's famous TV show 'Women I'm the BiggestAre in the boss position. At present, the contact lenses on the market are indeed the best in Korean contact lens technology. However, Korean contact lenses also have hidden dangers in the domestic market. I have seen some contact lenses that I think are imported from South Korea. There is no Chinese character on the back of the lens case. The Korean contact lenses sold in China are licensed, and there should be Chinese instructions on the back of the lens case. We should be careful when we see such Korean contact lenses or Korean colored contact lenses, which are likely to be recycled sheets or contact lenses with potential safety hazards. Be sure to report these unscrupulous businesses. Korean contact lens technology is good, and it is more suitable for Asian eyes; but at present, domestic contact lenses are also developing rapidly, such as Haichang contact lenses are getting better and better, so it is recommended that you use domestic products and support domestic products.
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