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How about Corning glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-12
Corning Optical was established in 1993. It is the first scientific research entity in China's optical industry that specializes in optical technology research and high-quality optical optometry preparation. They have been pursuing the service tenet of 'Integrity first, excellence' and are trusted by consumers. Corning Optical is the first technology company in China to introduce high-quality optical optometry services into its stores. Corning Eyewear has an early start in the eyewear industry and is highly professional. It now has dozens of senior optometrists and a team of high-quality eyewear preparations. It has always maintained its technology leadership in children's mydriatic optometry and contact lens optometry. It is a company with rich fittings Companies with sufficient eyewear experience and eyewear professional and technical personnel. Corning Optical is a chain company with modern and new professional glasses. The company pursues fashion, professional and healthy glasses. It operates various brand glasses in various chain stores, and is the fastest in updating styles and guarantees the quality of glasses. The store employs professional optometrists and experienced opticians, and is equipped with internationally advanced fully automated imported optometry, testing, and production equipment to make the optometry examination of glasses wearers more accurate and ensure professional and comprehensive medical optometry and scientific optics , The majority of vision patients provide integrated services of optometry and glasses. China's optical industry has always had quality problems such as optometry and lenses. As a company that attaches great importance to quality research, Corning Eyewear strictly controls the quality of lenses and frames, with a pass rate of 100%, and requires an authoritative inspection certificate for each pair of glasses prepared. In order to ensure the quality of each pair of glasses prepared by customers, Corning Eyewear also adopts a quality assurance system of 'unified processing and centralized testing' to achieve a service that satisfies every consumer.
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