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How about Diku Sunglasses?_Sunglasses Knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-09
Diku sunglasses closely follow European fashion and popular culture, and the avant-garde and keen shape has become a trendy product for young people in Europe and America. The design draws on the strong urban emotion of Europe, plus a fresh and natural leisure atmosphere. Create an image of the times with confidence, elegance, enthusiasm and wisdom, and bring the fashion and romance of Europe and the United States into full play. How about Diku sunglasses? Let me give you a detailed introduction below. Deku Sunglasses Features and Functions Polarizers are used to block ultraviolet rays and filter harmful rays. They are composed of six layers of material and lens structure. The most important of these six layers is the polarizing film of the fourth layer, with a thickness of about 0.1mm. It is composed of many small horizontal slopes, and the space between each slope can only allow horizontal light to pass through. The reflection of other objects, the glare of the sun, etc., are all blocked or reflected. When we look at the object, the scene in the field of vision is very bright and clear. The characteristics of Diku Sunglasses <1>. The unique shape of the temples perfectly combines practicality and aesthetics, and is full of trendy taste; the perfect connection between the frame and the frame is screwed, and the firmness is better; coupled with the relaxed and comfortable The temples make you not feel tired after wearing for a long time, and are not easy to deform. <2>. The frame and frame are made of TR-90 memory resin material, which has high toughness, light weight, impact resistance and wear resistance. Even after being greatly deformed, its unique memory ability can quickly restore the deformed place to its original state. Glasses made of this material have excellent face fit and comfort, and can more effectively resist the impact of intense exercise. <3>. Gradual polarized lenses are used to effectively exclude and filter the scattered light in the beam. In daily life, we will be affected by various irregular glare, and the vision will become dark and pale. Through Diku polarized sunglasses, the glare can be effectively folded out, so that our vision can get the best effect. Diku Sunglasses are suitable for daily outdoor activities such as driving, mountain climbing, skiing, fishing, etc. The use of advanced polarizing technology allows us to perform various outdoor sports under the sunglasses for a long time without feeling dizzy or irritating the eyes.
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