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How about dolphin kids sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-11
The sun is strong in summer. If you go out, everyone will pay attention to sun protection. Sunglasses are naturally indispensable, and children are also the same. Strong ultraviolet rays are also more harmful to the eyes, and it is naturally necessary to choose a suitable children's sunglasses. of. As a well-known sunglasses brand, dolphin sunglasses have always been popular with everyone. How about dolphin children's sunglasses? Let's take a look. How about dolphin kids sunglasses? Dolphin children's sunglasses have excellent eye protection. The polarized lens is composed of nine layers of lenses with different functions. It has excellent resistance to harmful light, effectively filtering out more than 95% of harmful light, and better care for eye health. . The lens material is made of high-end resin, which has the functions of light weight, high definition, anti-shattering, effective anti-glare and anti-radiation. The polarizing effect of polarized lenses can also prevent excessively cluttered light, anti-glare, etc., and better fit the protection of children's eyes. Super strong glasses frame is a major feature of Dolphin children's sunglasses. The European top material TR90-PA12 is made of material. Compared with traditional glasses frames, the weight is lighter, which greatly reduces the pressure on the bridge of the nose and improves the wearing comfort. The high-strength and tough material can effectively resist external factors such as high temperature and cold, and the frame is not easily deformed even in harsh environments. Bright color, if you wear it for a long time, it will not easily change color. Dolphin children's sunglasses are highly comfortable to wear. The ergonomic design reduces the pressure on the temples by the temples and pays attention to the comfort of children's wearing. The use of geometric aesthetics of the frame reduces the limitations of some frame lines, suitable for wearing with different face shapes, and the overall three-dimensional beauty. The nose pads have been lengthened, and the arc-shaped full design, and the widened design of the end of the temple legs have increased the friction force as a whole, and will not slip off easily even with large movements. In terms of design, the use of classic elements, different colors and contrasting colors create beautiful styles with their own characteristics. Combined with the classics of medieval retro aesthetics, exquisite patterns are designed, which are even more beautiful to wear.
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