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How about driving glasses?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-25
With the increasing number of car owners and the protection of eyesight, driving glasses are also attracting more and more people's attention. When driving, the reflected light and strong light of the road surface, and the dazzling lights of vehicles at night are irritating the eyes all the time. Wearing driving glasses can not only protect the eyes, but also see things less dazzling. Let's take a look at how driving glasses are. Driving glasses must have the ability to protect against UV rays, which is also a must-have for driver sunglasses. If the eyes are exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, the incidence of eye diseases such as cataracts will be higher. A pair of high-quality driving mirrors can not only block ultraviolet rays well, but also be able to distinguish different traffic signals clearly. Driving glasses for motor vehicles also need to have anti-glare, strong light, stray light, anti-fatigue and other functions. There are generally two types of driving glasses: daytime use and nighttime use. The production of professional driving glasses needs to comply with the People's Republic of China Motor Vehicle Driver's Glasses Standard (QB2659), which is different from the production standard of sunglasses. The transmittance of driving mirrors used during the day must not be less than 8%, and the transmittance of driving mirrors used at night must be greater than 75%. The lenses of driving glasses are generally mainly non-breakable lenses, which are not easy to hurt the eyes in the event of an accident. At present, the lenses are mainly based on resin lenses and PC lenses. The lenses of driving glasses are rich in color. However, red lenses are not suitable for selection, because red lenses will affect the recognition of traffic signals, etc., and are prone to accidents. The dark color of the sunglasses reduces the light transmission and brightness. This dark color will delay the time when the object image is sent to the brain, which is easy to cause visual sluggishness and speed distortion, especially when the speed is relatively fast. At times, the driver's reaction time will be prolonged, prone to accidents. Therefore, it is generally not suitable for drivers to wear black sunglasses with a particularly dark color. At present, the most popular colors of driving glasses are gray, amber, yellow lenses, dark green and so on.
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