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How about Essilor anti-fatigue lenses? _Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-07
Essilor anti-fatigue lenses are the most special series of Essilor lenses, mainly serving people who need to use close vision for a long time. For example, young people in the finance and IT industries work in front of computers for more than 10 hours a day. When the eyes are fixed on a fixed target for a long time, the adjustment of the eyes is not constant, and there will be slight fluctuations in the state of fatigue. Essilor anti-fatigue lenses can restore the slight fluctuations of the eyes to normal, and it is also one of the methods to prevent further deepening of myopia. Essilor Anti-Fatigue Lens Principle The eye is like an autofocus system, constantly changing around the average accommodation power. Human energy is always limited. With the increase of working hours, fatigue will increase. How to improve one's ability to resist fatigue has become a topic that is often discussed among colleagues. Essilor, through the research on the micro fluctuations of the eyes, found that the micro fluctuations are destroyed when fatigued, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain the average adjustment, and finally becomes abnormal. In-depth Ru0026D and years of testing have found that Essilor anti-fatigue lenses can provide more comfortable near vision compared to ordinary single vision lenses. Essilor anti-fatigue lens prices The series has three different refractive indices: 1.552 ultra-thin Essilor, 1.591 Cosmic Essilor and 1.665 Essilor. Taking the 1.552 ultra-thin Essilor anti-fatigue lens as an example, in the official price list, the price of the 1180 with the Diamond Crystal Clear film is 1180, the price of the customized piece with the Diamond Crystal Clear film is 1380, and the price of the customized piece with the Diamond A2 film is 1560, and the price of the customized anti-fog film is 1820. At present, the purchase of Essilor anti-fatigue lenses on OULE glasses network has a large discount. As a kind of functional lens, anti-fatigue lenses are suitable for most young people who work in cities. In addition to Essilor anti-fatigue lenses, there are Zeiss anti-fatigue lenses, OULE glasses anti-fatigue lenses, etc. Zeiss lenses are slightly more expensive than Essilor lenses, but because the Zeiss brand is more famous, some customers choose the Zeiss brand.
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