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How about Essilor anti-fog lenses?_lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-07
Established in France in 1849, Essilor is currently one of the world's largest optical companies. It mainly produces and sells high-quality optical resin lenses. It is the world's most professional eyewear manufacturer. In recent years, Essilor adopted breakthrough advanced technology to launch the first high-performance durable anti-fog lens, which can prevent the formation of fog on the lens in time and provide the wearer with a clear and comfortable vision for a longer period of time. How about the Essilor anti-fog lens, let's take a look at it together. Anyone who wears glasses should know that fog is everywhere in life. For example, a hot and cold alternate environment, drinking hot and soft food for cooking, and sports (running, cycling, tennis), a work environment that requires high accuracy and safety, etc. So for people who wear glasses, the fog on the lenses is indeed a long-term problem. The Essilor anti-fog lens uses unique and innovative technology to produce a new type of anti-fog lens that allows the wearer to experience high visual clarity and broaden their vision no matter what environment they are in. <1>. When using, put a drop of Essilor anti-fog cleaner on each side of the lens of the house, and then wipe the surface of the lens with a microfiber cloth to ensure that the activator is applied to the entire lens, and then slowly and slowly Wipe, knowing that there are no traces on the lens. <2>. Please note that any water-containing liquid will wash off the anti-fog agent on the lens, so after encountering water, please use the Essilor anti-fog cleaner again. <3>. Essilor anti-fog lens is different from other products in the market in that it does not need to use Essilor anti-fog cleaner every day. And when each bottle is used under normal conditions, it can be used for at least half a year. The production of Essilor anti-fog lenses has brought great convenience to people's lives. The unique properties of Essilor anti-fog lenses are evenly spread on the surface of the lens before use, forming a transparent ultra-thin water film that will not be discovered by others. And Essilor anti-fog lens can effectively prevent the generation of fog, and can last for a week. Whether it is from the perspective of health or perspective, it gives people a different experience.
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