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How about eye drops that relieve eye fatigue? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-17
Eye fatigue is the feeling of many people who use their eyes for a long time, especially some people who work in front of computers for a long time and some Internet users. Eye fatigue is what many people think of is to wear glasses with anti-fatigue lenses, or to use eye drops to relieve eye fatigue, and eye drops are the first choice for most people. Are eye drops good for relieving eye fatigue? Well, let's take a look at the eye drops that relieve eye fatigue. Eye drops that relieve eye fatigue can cause dependence if used too much, and side effects if used excessively. Many reports about eye drops have mentioned that a large part of the eye drops currently on the market contain preservatives. If they are used for a long time, they will cause damage to the cornea, and some contain antibacterial ingredients. The eye drops can also make the bacteria in the eye resistant to the medicine, and the eye infection is not easy to treat. After all, anti-fatigue eye drops cannot be compared with the human body's natural tears, and many anti-fatigue eye drops also contain preservatives and cannot be used too much. If you use it excessively, it is unwise to rely on eye drops to relieve eye fatigue, and it will also lead to the destruction of the original tear components, which will accelerate the evaporation of tears on the surface of the eyeball, and the eyes will be more prone to dry eyes. Although anti-fatigue eye drops can nourish the eyes and nourish the eyes, if they are too reliant and abused excessively, they will also destroy the tear film and cause damage to the ocular surface, which is counterproductive and causes dry eye syndrome. And many eye drops contain preservatives, which appear as chemical ingredients on the packaging, such as 'benzalkonium chlorideDon't use too many preservatives. You can try some methods to relieve eye fatigue, which are more effective for eye fatigue.
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