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How about flat tinted glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-13
Flat tinted glasses, as the name suggests, are processed on the basis of flat mirrors to make them more beautiful and perform better. Generally speaking, ordinary flat mirrors are not so perfect in blocking ultraviolet rays, so experts specially developed flat tinted glasses. So what about flat tinted glasses? Let's take a look at them together. Flat glasses refer to glasses with no diopter, that is to say, there is no degree of myopia or farsightedness, and there is no astigmatism like astigmatism glasses. Its greater use is to block sandstorms and decoration, and some also block ultraviolet rays from entering the eyes. The plain tinted glasses, in simple terms, refer to the fact that under the action of a certain high-tech process technology, the lenses are turned into colored lenses, and the performance of the flat lenses is improved at the same time. Flat tinted glasses, through high-tech technology, the lens surface is made of precious metal material and coated with a colored film, which makes the original lens more prominent in blocking ultraviolet rays, and at the same time makes the lens in addition to blocking ultraviolet rays. It can effectively absorb infrared rays and reflect various irregular harmful glare, such as the reflected light from the water surface, the ground and various planes. At the same time, some flat tinted glasses also have the effect of radiation protection. The emergence of flat tinted glasses has solved the problems of many computer workers, and also facilitated the needs of many people in life. Although it does not have the function of myopia glasses, it does not have the effect of treating myopia and correcting vision, but it can block the ultraviolet rays of the sun within a certain space, or filter out many irregular harmful rays, and comprehensively protect the health of human eyes , so it has won the love and support of the masses.
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