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How about flower umbrella sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-10
Hua Umbrella Sunglasses is a world-renowned international brand, originally a golf sportswear brand. Flower Umbrella Sunglasses is one of the products, mainly for women's exclusive sunglasses. Unlike other brands of sunglasses, its positioning is clearer and only limited to women. Let’s take a look at how about flower umbrella sunglasses. Hua Umbrella brand sunglasses have been dedicated to creating the most beautiful and unique colors exclusively for women with the most cutting-edge and richest colors in the research and development for many years. In 2012, Hua Umbrella Sunglasses further enhanced the brand proposition on the basis of the original 'female exclusiveTemperament and style. Flower umbrella sunglasses brand will be rich and popular colors, allowing women to show their unique charm for their own style. The Flower Umbrella Sunglasses series are exclusive women's sunglasses. The design is sweet and fashionable, with great taste, which is in line with the fashionable and fresh temperament characteristics of young women aged 20-35. The advantages of Hua Umbrella sunglasses adopt Japanese imported color progressive polarizers, which have richer layers and brighter colors. Polarized lenses can effectively filter out stray light and glare and make the field of vision clearer. Whether you are traveling or doing outdoor sports, you don’t have to worry about the damage to your eyes. The back is plated with anti-reflection film to reduce reflected light and effectively resist fatigue. The special blue film formed on the inner surface of the eye lens through multiple vacuum evaporation can greatly increase the lens's perspective rate, so that the incident light can directly pass through the lens without being reflected on the glasses, effectively protecting the eyes. Waterproof, super clear, and water-proof. The waterproof and oil-proof coating is designed according to the principle of lotus leaf droplets. Rain water falling on the lotus leaf forms water droplets due to tension. Similarly, the water falling on the lens also forms water droplets, and it is easy to fall off. Oil-proof and easier to clean. The coating on the lens is highly oil-resistant, and even if there is oil stains, it can be easily wiped off with an eye cloth. More wear-resistant. Experiments have confirmed that the lens of Hua Umbrella is very wear-resistant, and it is not easy to have abrasion marks. Food-safe plastic nose pads are softer, more fitting, and more comfortable to wear. The high-efficiency hinge design keeps the fastening from being loose for a long time. After 20,000 times of opening and closing tests, it is still firm and has excellent technology. The flower umbrella sunglasses are made of TR-90 (plastic too), which is a polymer material with memory. It is the most popular spectacle frame material, such as the brand spectacle frame Valeo tr90 spectacle frame, which is made of this material. The texture is light and elastic. Flower Umbrella Sunglasses Style Flower Umbrella's new high-end fashion celebrity sunglasses make full use of colors and compact Linlin. The exquisite and elegant design incorporates current popular elements to show the unique temperament of women. Fashionable, simple, yet elegant. Flower umbrellas are fashionable and elegant, with exquisite colors and temperament. Women's sunglasses are overall handsome and beautiful. The elegant design of the LOGO logo makes the government glasses fully elegant. The mirror legs designed by Bright Color, with soft and graceful lines, reveal the graceful beauty of women everywhere.
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