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How about flying vision lenses? _Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-03
Feishi Lens was launched by Kemi of South Korea, with a variety of lens series to meet people's needs. The lens has relatively high technical content, stable performance, hard and wear-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation and anti-static functions. With advanced technology and excellent quality, the lenses are exported to many countries and are favored by many people. Let’s take a look at how Feishi lenses are. The ultra-clean film series incorporates advanced ultra-clean factors, which make the ultra-clean factors contained in the ultra-clean film have an oxidation-resistant effect on the lens and increase the service life of the lens. The natural exclusivity of the super clean factor contained in the super clean film layer can effectively resist impurities in the air, has a dustproof effect, and the lens is easy to clean; the waterproof performance also surpasses ordinary multi-layer coated lenses. The lens also has high abrasion resistance and toughness. Ruizhi series of super hair water plus film, the dustproof, waterproof and anti-pollution function of the lens is much higher than that of the ordinary resin lens. The lens is light, easy to wear and comfortable; the wide field of view provides a clear field of vision. Crystal film series crystal film adopts the principle of compatibility. The special high-density anti-fog crystal film on the surface of the lens instantly transforms the mist of the mist into clean water, which is distributed on the surface of the lens to achieve an anti-fog effect. It is mainly used in cold areas, temperature difference environments, bathing, dining and often wearing masks. The Student Progressive series combines the characteristics of progressive multi-focus with the eye habits of young students to provide a comfortable enjoyment of looking far and near, reducing the tension of the ciliary muscles to a certain extent, and effectively alleviating myopia. The progressive multifocal lens is designed with a 10mm ultra-short progressive belt, which is convenient for teenagers to make full use of the lower zone in a natural and comfortable viewing angle, so as to achieve soothing eyeball adjustment. Adult progressive series (1) Anti-fatigue type Designed according to the texture of human eyestrain, it assists in the adjustment of the eyes and relieves eye discomfort. It adopts the Feishi ultra-clean film technology, which is durable and easy to care for. (2)Comfortable. The 12.5mm channel progressive multifocal lens specially designed for Asians can meet the field of vision requirements whether it is designed in the far area or in the near area. With 30mm compact frame, it is more relaxed and beautiful. (3) Super-view type: The unique broadening of the field of view, which greatly reduces the scope of the fuzzy area, makes the field of vision clearer and natural; stable peripheral vision, wide range of far and near use, and perfect visual balance. Especially the visual effect and comfort of the middle scenic area are more prominent. The dyed film series dyed film has uniform color, is not easy to fade, and is more durable. It effectively shields strong light, prevents ultraviolet rays, and reduces glare. The lens is also coated with an anti-reflection film to effectively enhance The light transmittance makes the vision clearer and more comfortable. Color-changing lens series The color-changing lens discolors and fades quickly, and is stable, with good discoloration performance, the lens is not easy to break, yellow, and wear-resistant. Good toughness and long service life.
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