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How about Fransdon lenses? _Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-05
Fransington lenses inherit the high-quality characteristics of Vizun lenses. The lens is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable to wear. The high-quality quality is liked by many people. Fransington lenses have both low refractive index lenses and high refractive index lenses. Let’s take a look at how Fransington lenses are. Fransington lenses are made of internationally newer resin materials, combined with advanced production technology, the lenses are not easy to yellow, and have a very high light transmittance. The lens is very light and comfortable to wear. The crystallization of China and South Korea's technology adds full protection against ultraviolet rays, radiation, and TV electromagnetic waves to the effect of hardened resin sheets, and the performance of the lens is superior. The lens has high-definition, anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation, and anti-impact effects. Multi-layer film technology, including waterproof and anti-flower film layer, anti-reflection film layer, anti-radiation wave, anti-electromagnetic wave, anti-UV wave. The lens can be used for a long time, and has excellent anti-reflective and anti-radiation functions. The film is specially treated to make the lens more wear-resistant and anti-flickering. Multi-layer film technology can successfully block harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation waves emitted by computers and TVs, and slow down the progression of myopia. The film layer of the lens has the functions of waterproof and antifouling, which is very convenient to clean, and the lens can also be kept clean for a long time. With aspheric design, the edge difference of the lens is greatly reduced, the true image of things can be restored to a greater extent, and the field of vision is clearer and natural. Lens types mainly include 1.555 gold film aspherical surface, 1.555RAP Ruipai aspherical surface, 1.558STL super toughness, 1.55 anti-radiation, 1.555 yellow (purple) gold film, 1.600 super flat, 1.600 aspherical surface, 1.555 emerald film, 1.555 aspherical surface, 1.670 double aspherical surface, 1.555 hardened, 1.499. These different refractive indexes and different coatings can be more convenient to choose.
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