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How about full-frame glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-24
Nowadays, whether the glasses are half-frame, rimless, or full-frame, they are all beautifully designed and fashionable, which also attracted everyone's preference for different rim-shaped glasses. Among the full-rim glasses, the large-rim glasses and black-rim glasses are more popular nowadays. Let’s take a look at the full-frame glasses. Full-rim glasses are the lenses in which they are all wrapped. They are a very common form of glasses and a very popular one nowadays. Like today's sheet glasses and retro glasses, many of them use full frames. Because the full-rim glasses are fully wrapped around the lens, the edge of the lens is not easy to be scratched or damaged, so the full-rim glasses are relatively strong. Based on the characteristics of firmness and stability, some sunglasses are mostly in the form of a full frame. Full-rim glasses give people a more mature feeling, and also appear more stable, especially suitable for older people, but also suitable for middle and high school students. Full-rim glasses are suitable for any lens, and it can be said that they are suitable for people with different degrees, and have a wider range of use than half-rim glasses. If the power is too high and the edge of the lens is thick, whether it is rimless or half-frame, it will not look beautiful, and it will be easy to see the thick edge of the lens, so half-frame and rimless There are restrictions. Full-rim glasses are suitable for a wide range of face shapes. Full-frame glasses are just a form of glasses, not the shape of glasses. Full-frame glasses include round glasses, square glasses, oval shapes, etc., and different frame shapes are suitable for different people and face shapes. How to match the glasses is mainly based on the characteristics of the face and the lines of the glasses. Generally, the choice is complementary, and the overall look will be more beautiful. I do not agree to choose a frame similar to the face shape, because it will only enhance the line characteristics of the face itself, and cannot achieve the perfect match between the frame and the face shape.
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