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How about Givenchy glasses, the characteristics of Givenchy sunglasses_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-18
When it comes to the Givenchy brand, everyone immediately thinks of perfume. That's right, Givenchy is a well-known French fashion and skin care brand. At first, it mainly used perfume as its main product, and later it gradually involved various industries, among which the beauty industry and the eyewear industry are more common. Especially in the eyewear industry, whether it is optical glasses or sunglasses, its unique innovative technology and gorgeous design style are deeply loved by consumers. So how about Givenchy glasses, what are the characteristics of Givenchy sunglasses, let me take you to find out. How about Givenchy glasses? Givenchy glasses, the frame is made of a combination of sheet metal and metal. Whether it is men's glasses or women's glasses, they have a sheet-like texture and a metal-like clarity. The French famous IP electroplating process is used for polishing, combined with advanced polishing technology, the mirror surface is bright and charming, which can instantly enhance the wearer's personality and charm. Adhering to the brand's original concept of classic, elegant, fashionable and gorgeous, the metal LOGO logo inlaid on the temple legs fully reflects the classic and elegant glasses. Givenchy Sunglasses Features Givenchy Sunglasses are well-known in the fashion industry for their luxurious and elegant style. They combine oriental aesthetics with Western art. Each pair of glasses shows their identity and taste in the process of wearing them. The lens is made of polymer natural resin material, combined with American TAC polarizing technology, which can block 100% of ultraviolet rays, filter out harmful glare, absorb external blue light and electromagnetic wave radiation, and comprehensively protect the health of eyes and vision. Givenchy sunglasses always attract the attention of the audience with their elegant and clean appearance on any occasion, so they are also known as the 'gentleman in the fashion industry'.
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