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How about Gote sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-08
OUTDO is a leader in the domestic sports glasses market. Since its establishment in 2003, with the concept of high quality and innovative design, OUTDO is committed to customizing high-quality sunglasses products for Asians. Whether it is product quality, product style, or after-sales service, it has been affirmed by major professionals and consumers. Let's take a look at how high-tech sunglasses are. 1. Goute Sunglasses follow the fashion-forward design style, adopt a simple and smooth frame design, combine with international popular elements, and render various colors delicately, so that each pair of glasses reveals a unique simplicity and elegance. 2. The frame is made of imported TR90 memory plastic, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and has stable performance. Coupled with the new rendering technology, the material characteristics and colors are matched and designed, making the whole pair of glasses both retro and classic. 3. The lens is made of high-performance NXT nylon polarized lens, which has the function of super chemical resistance, is lighter and thinner than ordinary lenses, and has excellent hardness and toughness. 4. The mirror feet are made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly new resin materials imported from abroad, which can effectively avoid infection caused by contact with the skin; at the same time, the second-generation double-leaf hinge design is adopted, which is more convenient for folding and more stable in performance. 5. In the nose pad part of the sunglasses, the integrated peach design is adopted, which is more suitable for the face, more comfortable to wear and more comprehensive. 6. Gaote Sunglasses have a number of international patented technologies, such as temple buffer structure design, wind and sand anti-impact protection pad structure, adaptive temple structure design, interchangeable frame structure design, Tibetan element wheel design, magnetic clip structure design, etc. All the sunglasses products of Gaote have passed the certification of European standards and the US FDA, and the quality has reached the international leading level. At the same time, in the positioning of new products, with the concept of humanized design and the means of technology and innovation, Gaote advocates a healthy and upward lifestyle, and promotes the new trend of sports fashion in the eyewear industry.
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