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How about green sunglasses?_sunglass knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-11
Green is a natural, brighter, more natural, and more common color. The spectrum is between yellow and blue. It is one of the three color bases of light. Sunglasses are a popular fashion item in summer, which can block ultraviolet rays and prevent the eyes from being damaged by strong light. So what are green sunglasses, how about green sunglasses, let's take a look at it together. Green sunglasses, as the name suggests, have a green lens. Compared with ordinary sunglasses, it has better light transmittance and a stronger effect of blocking ultraviolet rays. In addition, green sunglasses are more in line with natural colors, which can make people feel close to nature when worn, and are very popular and favored by teenagers and children. How about green sunglasses? Green and brown are colors that are more beneficial to the eyes. There are too many harmful light in life. Wearing sunglasses is to protect your eyes, but colored glasses can definitely block ultraviolet rays. Only apply anti-ultraviolet rays on the lenses. . However, green sunglasses are different. The original green color has a certain effect on blocking ultraviolet rays. Coupled with the coated ultraviolet film layer, green sunglasses have better UV resistance than other ordinary colored sunglasses. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, in addition to paying attention to inferior products, the degree of color distortion is also more important. What about green sunglasses? Green sunglasses generally use PC lenses. Compared with other materials, they have a higher refractive index and a lighter weight. They also have the effect of 100% preventing ultraviolet rays from entering the eyes. Combining the effect of green sunglasses, in addition to having a comprehensive anti-ultraviolet, it also has the function of filtering out other harmful glare, such as infrared rays, ground or water reflections.
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