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How about Haichang contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-24
I believe that many friends who wear contact lenses should know the Haichang brand, and even the first contact lenses of many friends born in the 1980s are the contact lenses of the Haichang brand. From the sales volume, we can’t tell that Haichang contact lens market sales volume is really high, and the quotation of this contact lens brand is also relatively cheap. However, the evaluation of Haichang contact lenses on the Internet is mixed, so what about this brand of contact lenses? 1. The regular brand of high-quality contact lenses Haichang can stand upright, in fact, it is not just because contact lenses are cheap, in fact, there are many brands of contact lenses that are more favorable than Haichang, but after all, they are regular brand contact lenses, so they are consumed. The recognition of the readers is still there. Especially when it comes to cosmetic contact lenses, Haichang's cosmetic contact lenses series are really numerous, taking into account the needs of different consumers, so in terms of sales volume in China, it is indeed worth buying. 2. Diverse styles and beautiful styles If you don't look at comfort, in fact, Haichang's contact lenses are really very beautiful and incorporate different design concepts. It is estimated that everyone has started to understand cosmetic contact lenses, and they all started with Haichang. There are many contact lens series of such a brand, and there are also some contact lenses that can be matched with different makeup. And everyone should know that Haichang has many series of contact lenses, which are available every day to every year. You can buy any style you need. Third, the comfort level is mixed. In fact, the evaluation of Haichang is mainly on the comfort level. It seems that the comfort level of this brand's contact lenses is still weaker. After all, the price is relatively low, so many low-priced annual or semi-annual contact lenses will appear dry. Basically, dry eyes will appear after 4 hours of wearing them. However, I also suggest that you take a look at the water content. If it is a high-end series of contact lenses from Haichang, similar problems will rarely occur.
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