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How about handmade glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-08
Handmade glasses generally refer to glasses that are made by hand, which integrates traditional exquisite handicrafts and modern craftsmanship and aesthetics, which can perfectly show their individuality and pursuit of fashion. There are fewer handmade glasses on the market today, the workmanship is also very complicated, and the price is relatively expensive. Let's take a look at how to make handmade glasses together. Nowadays, many products are produced by machinery, and the hand-made craftsmanship will be very rare. The process of making glasses by machinery is also very complicated, and the production of hand-made glasses is even more rare. Every step of the production of handmade glasses requires superb craftsmanship, so the production of handmade glasses is also very complicated. There are many parts of glasses, mainly including mirror rings, temples, nose pads, hinges, locking blocks and screws. The size, performance, etc. of these parts all affect the processing of subsequent processes. The lenses of hand-made glasses are subject to complex procedures, including rough grinding, fine grinding, shaping, coloring, diamond setting and so on. The lens itself is relatively thin. It is not easy to complete so many complex processes, so handmade glasses are very precious, and the price of handmade glasses is also relatively expensive. The raw material for handmade glasses is celluloid. Celluloid is flammable and has certain dangers. In the production of handmade glasses, removing impurities from the frame is a more dangerous part. The celluloid frame is soaked in heated acetone for a few seconds to remove impurities and increase the transparency and gloss of the glasses, but because it is a highly volatile and flammable raw material, it is prone to fire. However, after drying, the stability is better, it can be easily molded, the texture is soft, and the gloss is higher than that of acetate fiberglass frames. There are very few glasses made of celluloid on the market today. Japan's handmade glasses are relatively famous. Its handmade glasses pay attention to the perfection of details. Kakuya Jinjiro, a Japanese hand-made glasses master, has rich experience in the production of hand-made glasses. Every link of hand-made glasses includes cutting, shaping, polishing the frame surface, sizing (hinge), connecting the nose, and removing impurities. , fine grinding, shaping, trimming, etc., each link is very important. Therefore, the output of handmade glasses will not be much.
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