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How about Haydn lenses? _Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-05
Haydn Lens is a brand of Mingyue Lens. The lens inherits the advantages of the Mingyue lens. Compared with the traditional lens, the Haydn lens has more advantages. Whether it is the stability of the optical performance, the length of use, or the safety of the lens, Haydn lenses are many times stronger than ordinary lenses. Let's take a look at how Haydn lenses are. The Haydn lens adopts a newer physiological base curve design, which not only meets the physiological needs of the human eye but also effectively reduces the thickness of the lens, which is not only beautiful but also more comfortable. Haydn lens adopts vacuum coating technology. The lens surface is coated with 16 layers of metal particle film, nano multilayer top film, waterproof layer, multilayer anti-reflection film, anti-scratch film, hard film, with high light transmittance and high definition , Can also effectively prevent radiation and ultraviolet rays. The surface of Haydn lenses is electroplated with silica, which has excellent optical properties and is more wear-resistant than ordinary resin lenses. Haydn lenses have a network cross-linked structure, which is not easy to break and safer. The lenses are treated with a multilayer film, which is the same as Vizun lenses. Yes, the lens has high hardness. While strengthening the toughness of the lens surface, it can effectively eliminate the reflection of the mirror surface, with higher light transmittance and clearer vision. The surface of the lens is very smooth, with sixteen-layer coating technology, the denseness of the coating on the surface of the lens, and it has waterproof performance. Even if it rains, there is no need to worry about it. It is also resistant to oil stains, making cleaning easier. Like the Berger lens, the Haydn lens adopts aspherical design, which reduces the edge difference, has a wider field of view, and has a clearer and more natural visual effect. The lens can be used for a longer time and has high weather resistance. If it is used for a long time, the lens will change very little, while the ordinary lens is easy to turn yellow. A unique anti-ultraviolet factor is added to the lens, which is customized according to electromagnetic interference shielding, which reflects and absorbs low-frequency radiation and microwaves. It can also effectively block the ultraviolet rays within UV400 and protect the eyes from harm.
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