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How about hiking glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-30
Mountaineering glasses are sports glasses used for outdoor activities, which have a wide range of applications, not only for mountaineering, but also for skiing. Mountaineering glasses are very different from ordinary sunglasses, not only the choice of materials, but also the design of the structure, which pays more attention to safety. Let’s take a look at the climbing glasses. Mountaineering glasses, as a safe outdoor sunglasses, not only have sports fashion elements in design, but also pay attention to protection. Humanized design, three-dimensional arc shape, better fit the head, fully cover the eyes, solve the interference of side light, and avoid the influence of wind and sand and other factors. The streamlined line design reduces the wind resistance during mountain climbing. In terms of design, it pays attention to breathability, so it is very comfortable to wear. The lenses are made of light weight, strong impact resistance, and high safety materials that are not easily broken. High-quality mountaineering glasses generally use PC lenses, which are safer and more reliable. A variety of lenses can be selected, the lenses are coated with different layers, which can prevent glare and 100% ultraviolet rays from damage, and better protect the eyes. Generally, the coating has better shading effect, but it is easier to scratch. The colored mercury film layer is composed of blue, black, red, and orange. It is plated with very thin mercury, which has good radiation resistance and waterproof effect. SFM coating, the colors are generally mercury, rainbow, blue and alloy mercury, which has a high degree of wear resistance and can see things clearly. The frame adopts high-quality TR90 frame, which is not only light, but also has good elasticity and impact resistance, and is not easy to deform. The frame belt has a good anti-sweat strip, which can prevent sweat from flowing into the eyes while being comfortable to wear, ensuring the safety of mountaineering. The temples of some mountaineering glasses are designed with detachable and replaceable headwear, and the headband can be replaced during strenuous exercise to prevent the glasses from falling off and move more freely. The design fully takes into account some of the details of the movement. The nose pads and foot pads are designed with non-slip materials to effectively prevent the glasses from falling off. It is not only comfortable to wear, but also very safe.
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