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How about Hullien contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-24
Helien is another brand of Haichang contact lenses. Founded in 2009, it is also a contact lens brand that everyone particularly likes. It inherits Haichang's superb technology and fine traditions and is more comfortable to wear. According to the needs of different audiences, Hilion contact lenses are divided into three different life cycles: quarterly, half-yearly, and annual. Let's take a look at how Hilignen contact lenses are. Haichang Hailien Haimo LG Seasonal Contact Lens This contact lens has a moisture content of 55%. It is a high-water content contact lens. The lens is relatively soft and has a strong affinity. The high oxygen permeability of the lens material combined with the advanced design, the tear circulation is smooth, and it is very comfortable to wear. Haichang Hailien Haimo CB half-yearly thrown contact lenses have high oxygen permeability, the cornea can breathe better, and it is very comfortable to wear naturally, with a low water content of 38%, the lenses are not easy to dry, and the lenses also have good moisturizing properties. Function, you can wear the lens for a long time without feeling particularly dry. Haichang Hailien Haimo WIN moisturizing and non-sense annual disposable contact lens adopts a thin edge design, low water content, and the lens contains a water-locking factor, the eyes will not be particularly dry, and Petty will feel very moisturized. Made of non-ionic material, the lens is not easy to absorb protein and other deposits, and the lens is cleaner and easier to care for. The comfortable thin-edge design and aspheric curvature design of Haichang Hailien Haimo TG aspherical contact lenses, even those with high myopia, can enjoy a comfortable and clear vision, which is suitable for high visual acuity requirements. People. Low water content, tears are not easy to evaporate, can maintain the moisture required by the lens for a long time, and keep the eyes moisturized. Haichang Hailien Haimei s38 thin-sided comfortable annual disposable contact lens has low water content, ultra-thin design, and favorable tear exchange design, which is comfortable to wear. The lens is better shaped, simple and convenient to wear. It is made of non-ionic material with low water content, which is not easy to absorb lens deposits, and it is more convenient to care. The internal curvature of the lens is good for the gentleness of the corneal shape, and it is very suitable for wearing. This style is very suitable for first-time wearers.
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