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How about indifferent glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-02
The indifferent glasses endorsed by Ekin Cheng, as a new generation of glasses, are different from other brand glasses in terms of brand connotation and design style. In the list of eyeglass frame brands, you can see that those brand eyeglass frames are quite strong in terms of material and workmanship. Indifferent glasses are also excellent in design and material selection. Let’s take a look at how indifferent glasses are. Sample. Design features of Indifferent glasses. In terms of the design concept, Indifferent glasses are integrated into the philosophy of life, which is calm, wise, relaxed, and indifferent to the modern life philosophy. The brand incorporates the design characteristics of Nordic minimalism, simple and smooth lines, fresh and harmonious design, interpretation of a brisk and fresh style, giving the wearer a wise, calm and indifferent temperament, showing the concept of modern urban noble life everywhere. The overall design On top, focus on comfort and highlight the sense of visual impact. The use of humanized line arc design and exquisite processing technology makes the perfect combination of sporty lines and fashion, presenting a stylish and beautiful appearance with an excellent three-dimensional effect, which is more in line with the characteristics of oriental faces and is fashionable and generous. The surface of the glasses polished by hand is smoother and cleaner. The frame is not only bright and glossy, but also, the clever coloring process highlights a strong three-dimensional feeling. After wearing it, the overall personal temperament emerges spontaneously. The arc design of the temples has a good anti-skid effect and a better fit with the base of the ear, making the wearer more comfortable. The design of the mirror frame is more simple and magnificent, and the colors of the mirror legs are mainly black and brown. The warm, elegant, and crystal clear show the three-dimensional beauty. Through certain technical treatment, the design of the joints further prolongs the service life of the hinges and screws, and it is not easy to cause the screws to loosen when worn for a long time. It is also flexible while maintaining stability. The integrated design of the nose pads, while referring to the ergonomic design, makes the nose pads have a perfect curvature, fit the bridge of the nose more closely, and there is no sense of pressure when wearing them. Indifferent glasses material type Pure titanium series The pure titanium frame is made of rubber peptide, which is comfortable to wear and does not cause allergies. The biggest advantage is that it is light in texture, anti-corrosive, durable and not easy to scratch. Multi-layer electroplating is adopted, the surface is smooth, durable, and the design conforms to the aesthetic characteristics of the human body. It is not only beautiful but also more comfortable to wear. Alloy series Italian high-end alloy plates, made with high-quality cuts, require higher production technology, and are more difficult, but they also reflect the unique characteristics. Eurofin's minimalist style pays attention to style, synchronized with the style, the organic combination of metal and plate, and the three-dimensional shape is relatively strong. Plate series of high-end plates imported from Italy, light in texture, flexible, and without pressure. The sheet spectacle frame has good gloss and fashion, and is easier to match with clothing. It reflects your own personality, simple and introverted design style, showing a steady and calm side, and the good coloring process highlights the characteristics of the whole pair of glasses. High-grade plates have good toughness and stability, and the indifferent glasses of the plate series have the characteristics of bright colors.
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