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How about Jinji radiation protection glasses?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-01
As for radiation-proof glasses, many computer clan still know a little bit. Because it is long-term facing the computer, the eyes are more prone to fatigue, and Jinji radiation-proof glasses can also be said to be a good computer goggles, which can relieve eye fatigue and care for eye health. Let’s take a look at Jinji’s radiation-proof glasses. Brand introduction Jinji radiation-proof glasses is a domestic radiation-proof glasses brand, which has won the honorary title of famous trademark for several consecutive years. The Jinji brand is also supported by research institutes and military technology backgrounds. The research is backed by its strong military technology and has established a complete quality management system. Each level of the product is strictly required, from procurement to processing and production to inspection and delivery, all have undergone strict monitoring and testing. The introduced advanced vacuum coating production line and spectrum testing equipment have laid a good foundation for product quality to ensure product quality. The characteristics of Jinji radiation protection glasses Jinji radiation protection glasses have passed professional and authoritative inspections, including the inspection of China Institute of Radiation Protection, the electronic industry safety and electromagnetic compatibility inspection of the Ministry of Electronics, and the anti-counterfeiting inspection of the Ministry of Public Security. Jinji anti-radiation glasses adopt stealth aircraft absorbing technology, which can effectively reduce the radiation of electromagnetic waves from computers, televisions, etc., and has a good anti-radiation and anti-fatigue effect. The lens is synthesized by special silicon element and precious metal oxide, transparent and low reflective, and can also shield electromagnetic radiation and attenuate harmful violet and blue light, so as to better care for the eyes. Jinji radiation protection glasses have better performance than ordinary radiation protection glasses. Its characteristic electromagnetic shielding layer has a resistance of less than 1K ohms per centimeter, strong protection against harmful light, and a reduction rate of ultraviolet and far infrared greater than 90%, which reduces eye fatigue.
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