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How about Keisha sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-20
The beautiful appearance and fashionable style of Keisha sunglasses have won everyone's love. The materials are all popular materials and keep up with the trend. Whether the sunglasses are large-framed or retro, or other styles, they all pay special attention to the beauty of the exterior and the practicality of the interior, which perfectly integrates beauty and use. Let's take a look at how Keisha sunglasses are. Ms. Keisha polarized sunglasses Keisha sunglasses trendy large frame design, suitable for all face shapes, the auspicious cloud design on the edge of the frame highlights the delicate, beautiful, highlighting the charm of women, the ball design on the temple arm shows the details of the Unique, exuding elegant temperament characteristics. tac polarized lens material, effective anti-glare, see things more clearly and naturally, can relieve eye fatigue, sunglasses also have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, is also a particularly beautiful sunglasses in fashion decoration. The bow design on the frame and temples of Keisha's retro sunglasses is not only cute, but also shows a lively and energetic side. The smooth lines, bright colors, and retro design are more elegant and noble. Ultra-light PC material, the sunglasses are lighter and more comfortable to wear. Moreover, the lens effectively protects against UV400, which better protects the eyes. The excellent polished surface reveals a unique phantom color, gorgeous colors, and even more extraordinary charm. Made of PC material, it is not easy to deform and lasts longer. Ms. Keisha's toad mirror frame is made of alloy material, with excellent luster, sturdy and durable, smooth line design, with fashionable colors, more suitable for fashion and versatile, ergonomic design, comfortable to wear. The three-section horizontal frame adds a dash of masculinity, making the feminine beauty mysterious and charming. The frame is rich in colors, including black, orange, white, red, brown, and blue, which is more convenient to choose.
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