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How about Kodak lenses? _Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-05
When it comes to Kodak lenses, industry insiders know that imaging technology has always been the essence of the Kodak brand. As a brand of lenses, Kodak has always adhered to the research and development achievements. The Clean'N'CleAR film developed now is a lens film with excellent performance. This Clean'N'CleAR film uses new technology to ensure better lenses. High light transmittance and good visual experience in all directions, creating a healthy horizon for more consumers. In the field of optometry, Kodak lenses, adhering to the principle of innovation and breakthrough, continue to pursue the purpose of visual enjoyment, provide a wealth of professional optometry products to meet the eye needs of all ages and consumers. Let's learn about the following Four kinds of Kodak workshop custom lenses, let's see what Kodak lenses look like? Kodak student progressive lenses have stable reading areas and clear distance vision. Lenses with different refractive indices meet the needs of students with different luminosity Delay the increase of myopia in adolescent students. Kodak Anti-Fatigue Lenses feature a digital point-cut design with visual correction on the inner surface to prevent and reduce eye fatigue, providing optimized vision correction and improved wearing comfort. This lens is based on the reversible reaction principle of photosensitive materials. It can block 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays and reduce the damage of glare to the eyes. It can also automatically adjust the depth of the lens color according to the intensity of the light to relieve eye fatigue and fatigue. discomfort. The Kodak adult progressive lens uses the ultra-high precision of free-form surface technology and point-shaped cutting tools to provide adult progressive lenses with high degree of accuracy and perfect smoothness of the lens surface, eliminating residual lateral spherical aberration and reducing Eye fatigue, improve visual comfort.
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