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How about laser treatment for myopia? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-31
Myopia affects the clarity of the eyes to see things, affects the physical development of adolescents, affects the rhythm of life and so on. Therefore, good treatment of myopia is a problem that the family, society and the country are most concerned about. Recently invented a high-tech means of laser treatment of myopia, has attracted the attention of the majority of myopia patients. So let's take a look today to find out how laser treatment of myopia is. The principle of laser treatment of myopia Laser treatment of myopia is also called 'excimer laser treatment of myopia'. This excimer laser is composed of two gases, fluorine and argon. After these two gases are combined, an invisible ultraviolet beam will be excited. The photon ability is very large, and the wavelength is relatively short, only 193 nanometers, so the penetrating power to the eye tissue is very weak, and it will not think of sunlight. UV light penetrates into the eye just as it is absorbed by cells on the surface of the tissue. And this excimer laser is a kind of 'cold laserIt can precisely 'irradiate' the corneal tissue of the human eye for the purpose of 'cutting' and 'sculpting' the cornea, and it will not damage the surrounding tissues and other organs, so it is the most suitable for corneal refractive surgery. In the process of laser treatment of myopia, first, a special and precise micro-corneal lamellar cutting system is used to make a pedicled corneal tissue from the corneal surface tissue; Give precise gasification; finally rinse the cornea to restore the original state of the cornea, and then adjust the refractive power of the cornea, so that the external light can accurately converge and image under the fundus, thereby achieving the purpose of correcting myopia. Therefore, from the above points, laser treatment of myopia has become the most widely used clinical manifestation in the field of myopia surgery. How about laser treatment of myopia? Although laser treatment of myopia is effective, it is also harmful to some extent. (1) Deformation of vision will occur over time, resulting in uncomfortable adaptations such as dirty eyes, fatigue, and headache. (2) Because of the cutting method, the outer wall of the eyeball becomes thinner, and the intraocular pressure is higher than the normal value, which will easily cause photopic. (3) After laser treatment, the cornea is covered by these proliferating capillaries, so the object will become blurred, and sometimes shadows will often appear.
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