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How about Licia glasses?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-23
Founded in 2010, Lixia is a well-known emerging eyewear brand in China. It is developed and sold by Shanghai Kuaiji Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. The company is committed to the production of optical glasses. In addition to Lixia glasses, its old Baixing glasses are also developed With production and production, its glasses are also very rich in varieties, including reading glasses, sunglasses, 3D glasses and various glasses accessories, which can meet the needs of most consumers. So how about the Lycia glasses, let's take a look with the editor below. In terms of design, Lycia glasses cleverly integrates European and American avant-garde concepts with oriental aesthetics. It focuses on the research and development of various new materials and fine workmanship. It adopts a reasonable business philosophy, whether it is men's glasses or women's glasses. It can perfectly present the charm of oriental people. While paying attention to brand characteristics, Licia glasses pays more attention to the transmission of brand cultural connotation, excellent quality and perfect workmanship, and more expresses the brand's elegance, nobility, wisdom and other fashion styles, showing the elegance and charm of the oriental fashion world . The Licia glasses frame is made of memory plastic material, which has the advantages of impact resistance, strong hardness, good elasticity and strong three-dimensional effect. It can withstand strong external impacts. It can automatically return to the original shape when bent at any angle, avoiding the frame from breaking. Damage to the eyes. The nose pads with natural silicone design have good texture and flexibility, and will put any pressure on the bridge of the nose, which is very suitable for the facial features of Asians. The lens is made of national standard materials and combined with the most advanced international lens making technology. In addition to blocking ultraviolet rays and filtering out harmful glare, it can reflect and absorb basket tubes and electromagnetic waves, and comprehensively care for the health of the wearer's eyes and vision.
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