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How about Lishi multi-lens?_Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-07
Many people may not know or even have heard of Lishiduo lenses. However, Lishiduo is also the first complete set manufacturer of high-end resin lenses in China, and has a production history of up to 60 years. And in the optical industry took the lead in passing the ISO9001 quality, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. How about LiseVision lenses? The editor below will give you a detailed introduction to what you know. Lishi Multi-lens Series <1>. Single-vision aspheric lens series: According to the refractive index, it can be divided into four types: 1.550 (dispersion coefficient: 36.0), 1.600 (dispersion coefficient: 40.0), and 1.667 (dispersion coefficient: 31.0). <2>. Single-vision spherical lens series: According to the refractive index, there are 1.550 (dispersion coefficient: 36.0) and 1.600 (dispersion coefficient: 40.0). The technical characteristics of Lishi Multi-lens 1. The design method of high-transmittance aspheric lens: firstly, the refraction changes after the light passes through the lens, and then according to the change of the degree, the computer processing covering about hundreds of thousands of points, so as to design the high Translucent aspheric lens. This aspheric design method greatly increases the visibility of the field of view, reduces the distortion of the lens periphery and the influence of dispersion, thereby increasing the visual fidelity. In addition, the lens is thinner and lighter than the spherical lens, so the lens with high permeability tube aspheric design can effectively relieve eyesight fatigue. 2. The surface of Lishi multi-lens adopts high-definition coating technology, that is, multi-layer coating technology to prevent reflected light. This advanced science and technology has a multi-functional film with a super water-repellent film that is easy to clean. And it also has a very high light transmittance performance, which gives every wearer a good wearing effect, and can also protect the health of the eyesight of the glasses. 3. The resin lens of Lishiduo can also effectively filter 400% UVA and UVB, blocking TV, computer and various irregular glare damage to the eyes. It also has a super abrasion resistance, because the new multilayer film technology is used to make the film anti-flowering function more than twice as strong as that of ordinary lenses. It can prevent dust and water and is easier to clean, so it is more comfortable to wear. The product quality of Lishi Multi-lens fully complies with the new national standards GB10810, QB2506 and QB2682, and complies with European CE standards, international ISO standards, American ANSI standards and other national standard certifications. Therefore, Lishi multi-lens is a high-quality lens variety, and it is also the designated partner of the world's most famous optical industry company.
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