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by:Eugenia     2022-04-06
Mingyue Lens is a professionally created lens based on the needs of various groups of people, researching their living habits and needs in life. As a well-known lens, there are both spherical and aspherical lenses in design, as well as double aspherical design. They are designed with different principles to better meet people's needs. Let’s take a look at how Mingyue lenses are. The student series are divided into different series according to the needs of different occasions. The daily wear series are made of high-quality resin lenses made of imported high-quality materials and high-quality technology. The lens has the effect of being more wear-resistant and longer-lasting. It is made of lighter material to reduce the pressure of weight on the nose. The aspheric design makes the field of vision clearer and more natural. Super abrasion resistance. Due to the poor protection of the lens, the lens is easy to scratch. The super abrasion process makes the lens have super abrasion resistance. Sports lenses mainly prevent students from breaking the lenses during exercise and causing damage to the eyes. You can enjoy the joy of sports. Has good impact resistance and super abrasion resistance. The lens also has the characteristics of lightness, which effectively reduces the weight given to the glasses during exercise. Reading and writing special lens This progressive multifocal student lens has a good effect of relieving eye fatigue and can also correct poor learning sitting posture. Designed by the principle of gradual progress, it feels very comfortable whether you are looking at the far area, the middle area and the near area. Short passage design makes it easier for students to read and write. Youth series healthy lenses are light and radiation-proof. Made with imported high-quality materials and advanced technology, the lenses are characterized by high quality and light weight. The anti-radiation lens can effectively block the damage of radiation to the eyes, and can also block the damage of ultraviolet rays. Safety lenses have super impact resistance, giving teenagers better protection. Super abrasion resistance, whether in sports or in ordinary bumps, it can prevent the lens from wearing out, and the lens is smooth as new. The comfortable lens adopts the principle of progressive multi-focus design, which effectively relieves visual fatigue and can also correct poor learning postures. Suitable for young people's face design, more beautiful. Leisure series 5 anti-radiation series: effectively block the radiation of electromagnetic waves. Anti-ultraviolet rays, able to block 380mm-400mm ultraviolet rays. Waterproof, the top mold of the surface is smaller than water molecules, which can prevent watermarks. The surface is smooth, easy to clean, and can be very anti-fouling. Anti-reflective, reduce reflection film on the surface, minimize reflection. Fashion casual series. Strong impact resistance; super hard film technology prevents the lens from wearing out and has a clearer vision. Colorful color-changing leisure lenses are suitable for people with mild myopia. If they are indoors, they become colorless, providing a clear visual experience. In low light, the lens quickly changes to lighter color, providing clear vision for adaptation. Under strong light, the color-changing lens becomes darker, reducing the irritation of harmful light to the eyes. Sports and leisure series. The lens has the characteristics of impact resistance, aspheric design, and things are clear and natural. Made of lightweight materials, the weight is particularly light. The super hard coating process can prevent the wear of the lens very well. The Rose series is designed for women in the workplace. The workplace rose lens, the lens has the characteristics of ultra-light and thin, effectively reducing the pressure on the bridge of the nose caused by wearing. Ultra-thin lenses and slender frames show the femininity of women very well. Elegant rose series. The contours of the face are no longer deformed, and the field of vision is broad. While showing feminine elegance, it can also have the characteristics of a broad field of vision. The lens is thinner and lighter. The lens has a double aspherical design, and the field of vision is clear and true. There are also aspherical and progressive lenses. Vibrant Rose series, colorful lenses highlight women's fashion and dynamic. There are two types of multi-layer film and super-hard high-permeability film, both of which have anti-ultraviolet effect. The lens is super wear-resistant. Business series High light transmittance, clear vision, can also reduce rainbow phenomenon, the characteristics of true color, anti-ultraviolet. Super wear-resistant. Lighter. Smart Business Series Whether you are looking far or near, you can be comfortable. Progressive multi-focus design concept, smaller blind area of u200bu200bthe lens, clear and natural vision, and more comfortable vision. It can also block the damage of ultraviolet rays and prevent the occurrence of eye diseases. Effectively prevent radiation and block the damage of electromagnetic waves to the eyes. Create a healthier environment. Diamond business lenses, the ultimate visual enjoyment. The double aspheric design means that the base arc of the surrounding scene is not curved or blurred, showing the most realistic vision. The lens has the characteristics of being lighter and thinner, fully blocking ultraviolet and electromagnetic radiation. Wear-resistant and easy to clean.
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