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How about morning dew contact lenses?_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-25
Morning dew contact lenses are not as well known as Micron contact lenses, because they rarely appear on the market, so when it comes to morning dew, many people don't know what it is. However, morning dew contact lenses also have many loyal fans, and they also have a certain position in the contact lens market. It gives people the feeling of being as refreshing and comfortable as morning dew. How about morning dew contact lenses? Let's take a look at it together. Although Chenlu contact lenses and Yoha contact lenses are not as famous as those well-known brands, they have not lost to them in terms of lens material. They both adopt ultra-high innovative design and advanced science and technology, and they will not be worn by them. The wearer feels that the glasses have a foreign body sensation, but the wearer's eyes feel comfortable, healthy and pleasant. The main components and effects of morning dew contact lenses: 1. The water content of this contact lens is relatively high, reaching more than 50%, which can keep the lens moist, making the glasses very comfortable and cool. 2. This contact lens has a relatively strong anti-ultraviolet ability, which can effectively block 97% of ultraviolet rays from entering the eyes through the cornea, so as not to cause damage to the eyes, and is more suitable for wearing in strong sunlight. 3. The thickness of the lens center of this contact lens is 0.07mm. It is an ultra-thin lens brand. It has a good penetration rate and promotes the metabolism of blood inside the eyes, keeping the eyes healthy and safe. 4. This lens is made of non-ionic material, so the effect of locking water is very good, it can maintain the balance of water, prevent optic disc edema, and it will not make the eyes feel dry, keeping the eyes hydrated and very beautiful. 5. The materials used in this invisible are all imported, and have passed the certification of SFDA product quality and the certification of national medical institutions. The products are of high quality, will not cause damage to the eyes, and can also correct the eyesight of the eyes. , 6. This lens also adopts the 'sandwich' production process, which is designed according to the texture of the human eyeball. When wearing it, the effect is very realistic and will not give people the feeling of false eyes. Design, give you a pair of moving, delicious and lovely big eyes. How to wear morning dew contact lenses: 1. Cut your fingernails short and wash your hands with clean water before taking the lenses each time; And damage; 3. Before wearing, be sure to see if the lens is damaged or oily, if there is no wear, so as not to cause serious damage to the eyes. 4. The front and the aspect should not be confused, first put the lens on the fingertip, the edge with a mouth-shaped circle is the front, and if the edge is tilted outwards, it is the aspect. 5. After identifying the front and back, gently hold the lower edge of the glasses with your index finger, face up, look forward with both eyes, open the eyelids with both hands, then attach the lens to the cornea, then remove the index finger and slowly loosen Open your eyelids. Morning dew contact lenses have high water content, thin lens center thickness, and strong ability to resist ultraviolet rays. They are high-quality contact lenses. Although they are not as famous as Eos contact lenses, they also have a certain status and loyal consumers in the domestic market.
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