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How about neo contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-03
Among the first batch of Korean contact lens brands that most friends who are just beginning to wear contact lenses come into contact with, there is Neo, and I believe many people are also Neo fans. In terms of style popularity or comfort, Neo has its advantages. The sales volume of the various series of Neo is also very high. If you prefer high-end contact lenses, then different series of Neo can also meet your needs. So what is the actual situation of Neo-branded products? 1. The Neo brand of the largest contact lens company in South Korea is actually a product of the larger contact lens company in South Korea, and it has a very high popularity in Japan and South Korea. Basically, more than 80% of the sales volume comes from the Neo brand contact lenses. . Especially in South Korea, Neo’s contact lenses basically account for 80% of the Korean market. It can be seen that the products of this brand are at least highly recognized internationally. And from the sales volume, it is not difficult to see that the recognition is indeed quite good. Second, the craftsmanship is more exquisite. All of Neo's cosmetic contact lenses are made of sandwich technology, with colors inlaid in the middle layer, so the Ang's pigment will not directly contact the cornea, which can also ensure good health. And Neo contact lenses have very good UV protection performance, so the practicality is also very good. In particular, everyone should know that ultraviolet rays themselves have a great impact on the eyes, so it is also recommended that you choose special contact lenses, so that the protective performance is also guaranteed. Third, through professional certification. We can directly see that Neo contact lenses have undergone various tests and passed CE and ISO certification, so the performance of contact lenses is also very good. Especially for out wear, the transparency is very good, the comfort is strong, and the light transmittance is also high. Beginners don't have to worry about uncomfortable feelings at all, and they can guarantee a good comfort effect. And long-term wearing can also avoid the situation such as being unable to see clearly.
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