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How about Nordica glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-09
Nordica glasses are an accessory developed from fashion, adhering to the positive brand philosophy in design. Whether it is Nordica spectacle frame or Nordica sunglasses, on the whole, they are integrated with popular elements, creating classic and attractive glasses to meet the needs of different people. Let's take a look at Nordica glasses. Brand introduction Nautica is an American fashion brand Nautica. As an American casual clothing brand, it was founded by a Chinese American, David Chu. Nautica's brand concept shows a positive attitude towards life, and Nautica's glasses also adhere to a positive brand concept in design and production. The designed glasses are not only fashionable, but also contain stable characteristics, mainly for young people. Favored by young people. Nordica glasses frame has a unique design and a perfect mix and match of popular colors, highlighting the extraordinary taste of fashion people. Most of the designs are neutral, elegant, subtle, generous, and concise, and can be used for sports matching. Sturdy and atmospheric, every detail is carefully crafted to ensure wearing comfort. Nordica glasses frame is very meticulous about the details of the product. The design keeps up with the pace of the times. More fashion elements are added to the shape of the frame and the temple. For young friends and friends who pay attention to product fashion , would be a good choice. There are half-frame and full-frame types of spectacle frames, and the materials of spectacle frames are mainly plate and metal materials. The Nordica spectacle frame is relatively high-grade on the whole, and it is not easy to be deformed, and the texture is light, which is very suitable for office and study. The metal Nordica glasses frame can better highlight the overall temperament, and the two different materials can well meet the needs of different people. Especially for young people, in addition to the material and brand, the most important thing about how to choose myopic glasses frames is to suit them. Nordica Sunglasses Nordica Sunglasses Timeless Collection. The biggest feature of this N1237S is that the retro square frame is designed as a double-layered sheet and the end of the temple with a unique bevel. There is a delicate LOGO logo on the temples, and the overall design originates from a positive brand concept. N1238S is more prominent in retro feeling, with smooth lines but thicker, highlighting the fortitude and strong characteristics. The design is integrated into the current trendy double bridge trend design, and the overall integration of retro and fashion is very beautiful. The pilot style, the color of the temples is particularly bright, the men's style design and the integration of modern fashion features, the frame thief is delicate and soft, and the color of the lens is more prominent. Spring hinges and adjustable nose pads increase wearing comfort. The on-trend style features a circular Nordica logo on the temples and a raised weave for an interpretation of fashion trends. These sunglasses are not only trendy in shape, but also more graceful and generous in style. The design of wide temples is popular among temple designers. The color of the frame and the color of the lenses are relatively close on the whole, which is very harmonious and suitable for female friends to choose. . Available in deep red, violet, dark brown, pale green and glossy black.
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