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How about Ogilvy lenses?_lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-06
Everyone knows that the quality of a pair of glasses is determined by the material of the lens, and the quality of a lens is mainly reflected in its functions, such as light transmittance, absorption of harmful light, chemical stability, whether it is light or not, Wear resistance, impact resistance, safety, etc. Through the lens, we can make our eyes clearer, bigger or smaller when we see objects. Now there are various brands of lenses in the market, including Weixing lenses, Zunlong lenses, Connet lenses, etc. What about Ogilvy lenses? Let me give you a specific introduction. Brand introduction of Ogilvy lenses Ogilvy lenses are produced, researched and sold by Jiangsu Ogilvy Optical Co., Ltd., which was founded in October 2001 and is a company dedicated to the production of resin lenses. After 2004, with the official commissioning of the new factory, the company has gradually advanced in product technology, and has successively passed the IS09001:2000 international quality system certification, the US FDA certification, and the European CE safety certification. The company uses imported production equipment and has a strong scientific research team. It is one of the largest optometry companies. Features of Ogilvy Lens 1. Mainly designed for comfort, it is lighter than ordinary lenses, impact resistant, abrasion resistant, etc., and can also resist 100% ultraviolet radiation, ensuring that the lenses are clear, durable, and effectively maintain eyesight. healthy. 2. Ogilvy lenses also use a digital dot matrix design, which can correct vision on the inner surface, which can effectively prevent and reduce visual fatigue, making it more comfortable to wear. 3. It also uses a unique multi-layer coating technology, which has a very high light transmittance performance, giving each wearer the best view, plus a special processing technology, so it can last even for a long time. like New. 4. Ogilvy lens (1.56 photochromic resin sheet) can effectively block 400% UVA and UVB, and prevent damage to eyes from TV and computer. It also has super abrasion resistance, because the new hardened coating technology is adopted to increase the anti-flowering function of the film by 1.5 times. So can it be dustproof, waterproof, easy to clean, and more comfortable to wear. Ogilvy lens varieties 1.56 amethyst film, green film, blue film anti-radiation, gold diamond crystal film, blue crystal super hard film, third-generation 1.56 aspheric surface, double-layer polarized resin lens, 1.56 photochromic resin film, UV -8.00 Super full UV protection resin lens, special lens for motor vehicle driver, 1.61 aspherical resin lens, ultra-thin 1.67 resin lens, ultra-thin 1.74 resin lens, multifocal resin lens, myopia and hyperopia multifocal resin lens, resin discoloration Multifocal, dome bifocal resin lens, difficult and highly astigmatic resin lens, etc. Ogilvy 'two-color mold' resin lens is the third-generation aspheric lens developed by Ogilvy. The lens further enhances the visual recognition ability of the lens and the protection function of the lens to the eyes. And the bold design in appearance, imitating the pearls and emeralds in nature, is novel and fashionable, and has been loved by many domestic consumers.
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