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How about Oriental Glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-30
Oriental Eyewear is a professional eyewear chain organization. Like it, there are dozens of professional direct-operated chain eyewear stores across the country. With professional eyewear industry knowledge and high-quality service to serve our customers. Let's take a look at how Oriental glasses are. Established in 1988, Oriental Eyewear has decades of experience, integrating professionalism and fashion, giving customers a beautiful sensory experience and enjoying professional optometry services. It is an enterprise focusing on customized glasses services. Unlike other optical shops. There are dozens of professional direct-operated chain optical stores across the country. In order to meet the needs of different consumers, Oriental Optical divides all its branches into fashion stores, brand stores, family stores and student stores. At a huge cost, two flagship stores were built in Guangzhou that are comparable to the top optical stores in Europe. Oriental Optical, like more optical shops, pays much attention to the cultivation of talents and the pursuit of perfect products. Oriental glasses not only pay attention to professional teams, but also pay attention to the specialization of products. Like many chain optical shops, they attach great importance to the specialization of glasses. Oriental Eyewear has advanced the international six-meter optometry and introduced the expertise of optometry experts. Just like the adoption of modern medical standard Hong Kong-style optometry, they focus on the accuracy of optometry to ensure a clear, comfortable and lasting visual experience for the wearer. The main products of Oriental Eyewear are: Including branded frames and lenses, such as NIKE frames, EYEMODA frames and general frame products. Sunglasses mainly include NIKE glasses, EYEMODA sunglasses, DIOR sunglasses, GUCCI glasses and ordinary sunglasses. Contact lens-related products mainly include Bausch u0026 Lomb, Johnson u0026 Johnson, Transcendent, color lenses and contact lens care solutions. Professional optical shops are always picky about the pursuit of products, and Oriental Optical is no exception. The professional technical team and the unique standardization and the same guarantee high-quality quality. Today, Oriental Glasses has attracted many customers with its strength. Oriental glasses will continue to move towards the high goal of 'pursuing zero defects in every step'.
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