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How about Oska sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-12
Ouska sunglasses design absorbs the newer trend elements, whether it is a male or female Haihuasi, it is a very popular style, and its temperament is full. For the choice of materials, the choice of superior materials ensures the high-quality pursuit of Osika sunglasses, which is a sunglasses brand that many fashion men and women like. Let’s take a look at how Osika sunglasses are. How about women's Osika sunglasses, beautiful lines, stylish atmosphere, special attention to the design of the details, the design of the crystal inlay at the link, just the right extension of the fashion atmosphere, the progressive film, the color is progressive, and more There is a popular flavor. Men's polarized sunglasses show the rigorous and cool style of men. It is not only suitable for driving, but also suitable for traveling and leisure. It can effectively protect the health of the eyes when facing strong sunlight. It can also be used for fishing to eliminate the reflected light from the water surface, making fishing more comfortable. In the use of materials, Osika sunglasses are made of the same materials as international brands, with reliable quality, made of imported materials, not easy to break, not easy to deform, and safe to wear. The lens has 9-layer filtering polarized lens, super composite technology, the lens has strong clarity, not only can effectively filter more than 95% of harmful light, but also anti-glare, reduce contrast, reduce eye fatigue, and the lens can also prevent radiation and breakage , The use of safety is high. The core of the lens composition is the PVA polarized filter strengthening layer in the center, and the UV400 protective film on both sides effectively filters ultraviolet rays. The impact-resistant layer improves the impact resistance of the lens and makes it safer to wear. The bottom pressure-resistant protective layer and the wear-resistant and scratch-resistant layer on the surface ensure safety and impact resistance. Moreover, the scratch-resistant film on the surface can better make the lens not easy to wear and durable. Osika sunglasses are made of uniform material, distributes pressure, and is comfortable to wear, light in weight, and the frame can float on the water, with low wearing pressure and high comfort.
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