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How about Pasha sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-14
In terms of quality, Pasha sunglasses surpass the height of traditional brands, and absorb European and American fashion concepts and essence in design. Combined with the most popular fashion elements in recent years, coupled with unique color matching, Pasha's unique understanding of the brand connotation of fashion, confidence, coolness and individuality is interpreted, and it is currently the leader of high-end sunglasses in China. How about Pasha sunglasses? Let's take a look at it with everyone. Pasha Sunglasses Brand Introduction Pasha Sunglasses is a high-end sunglasses brand created by Zhejiang Yingchang Optical Industry Co., Ltd., and has a high reputation in China. It is a classic design by a famous Italian designer, which integrates elements of world fashion trends and mysterious oriental temperament. Coupled with the younger frame, it shows fashionable sexy and fluent lines everywhere, and the charming color patterns focus on showing women's femininity and sensuality. People feel refreshed. In 2009, the famous domestic movie star Fan Bingbing officially became the ambassador of Pasha sunglasses. A young and beautiful Chinese actress is paired with a cool famous brand of sunglasses, showing the fashion and glamour of modern urban professional women. Features of Pasha Sunglasses 1. Using high-grade imported materials, using innovative stamping technology and new techniques such as color spraying, the senior team is professionally built. The quality of 'Pasha' is reflected in the grasp of every detail and angle. 2. The use of advanced PC lenses, polarized lenses and resin lenses in Europe and the United States can effectively prevent UVA/UVB and 100% blocking sunlight ultraviolet rays from entering the glasses, and can also reflect various irregular glare, making our vision clearer and safer. . 3. The frame is made of TR90 ultra-light material, which has the advantages of wear resistance, impact resistance and easy wearing. Coupled with unique craftsmanship, the frame and temple are perfectly combined, which is beautiful and will not fall off easily. 4. Pasha sunglasses are designed with unique European and American craftsmanship, bid farewell to the phenomenon that the tradition is not firm, and also surpass the traditional height. Uniform color, not easy to fall off, durable and comfortable to wear. The decorative pieces of the sunglasses are made of acetic acid and gold-plastic mixed materials, which are beautifully decorated and show the wearer's fashion and exclusive charm. The resin lenses and polarized lenses of Pasha sunglasses can not only block sunlight, avoid the eyes and hands, but also relieve headaches and eye fatigue. The use of high-quality acetate materials to perfectly combine the frame and temples, excellent quality and excellent angle control, make Pasha the best-selling item in the fashion accessories industry.
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