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How about plug-in optometry? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-08
Compared with the traditional computer optometry and medical optometry, the insert optometry method is to add or subtract lenses in front of the patient's eyes, and determine the more suitable lens according to the patient's vision progress, so as to select a more appropriate corrective refractive error. The lens is a more traditional way of optometry. Due to the advantages of simple equipment and simple operation, it can be used as a beneficial supplement to other optometry, and cannot be used as a more direct optometry. So how about the plug-in optometry, let's take a look at it together. The advantages and disadvantages of plug-in optometry The advantage of plug-in optometry is that the optometry equipment is simple in structure, durable and relatively cheap. At the same time, the operation method is simple, just need to replace the lens properly and try it on, without long-term complicated operation process; the try-on effect of the lens is also close to the real glasses, so there is no need to worry about the inaccuracy of the measured diopter. In addition to the advantages, there are also many disadvantages of lens-insertion optometry. The biggest disadvantage is that many people are not suitable. Although the operation time is simple, it takes a long time. Moreover, for patients who wear lenses for the first time, the number of lens replacements is relatively large. The time and process of optometry are more troublesome. Steps of refraction refraction Refraction refraction is a relatively primitive method of refraction, requiring the examiner to determine the information of hyperopia or myopia, and choose the trial lens of the initial degree for refraction based on experience. At the same time, since the initial degree may be incorrectly estimated, it will lead to prolonged refraction time, or reduced accuracy of refraction measurement. Therefore, it is necessary to perform refraction step by step: for example, the Prime Minister needs to determine the initial degree, obtain a computer prescription, and combine the patient's Information such as age, vision, etc. are appropriately modified, and then the refraction of the patient can be correctly measured by inserting the refraction. Precautions for plug-in optometry Pay attention to the selection of the audition frame. The selected frame is better to fix the lens, and be familiar with the structure, function and characteristics of the frame. The choice of the initial eye degree is the key to choosing the appropriate lens. Before the diopter, it is better to check other problems of the eye, so as not to affect the measurement of the correct diopter; the combination principle of trying on the lens, that is, the selection of the material of the lens, under normal circumstances, most people choose glass lenses, or some people because of the eyes The problem is relatively big, choose the combination of glass and resin lens for optometry; the choice of optometry end point, you can answer the optometrist's question according to the checked gesture, so as to determine the method and end point of optometry.
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