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How about Price glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-05
Price glasses focus on innovative designs based on traditional concepts. Whether it is Price glasses lenses or frames, they can better meet everyone's needs. The design of glasses has the characteristics of fashion, atmosphere and elegance. High-quality materials, fashionable shapes, and elegant temperament are loved by many people. Let's take a look at how Price glasses are. Price Pure Titanium Myopia Spectacle Frame This stylish business casual style pure titanium spectacle frame is designed according to ergonomics and adopts international streamlined design, with perfect lines, conforming to the human body without structure, better fit and more comfortable to wear . The material is superior, imported pure titanium plate is selected, and the frame is cut and made from 3.5mm pure titanium plate, which is better than ordinary pure titanium frames. The temples are forged from high-grade TR90 material. The whole frame has the characteristics of ultra-light weight, non-allergic, strong impact resistance and corrosion resistance, and excellent performance. Price Men's Casual Myopia Spectacle Frame This stylish myopia spectacle frame uses pure titanium temples and sheet metal spectacles to make business elite glasses. Designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of oriental faces, comfortable to wear. The design of glasses pays attention to the classic connotation and the elegance of the trend, showing the taste of fashionable people. The lens is made of high-grade anti-fatigue resin lens, which can effectively prevent radiation and other light from harming the eyes. It is suitable for the needs of Internet, reading, learning and other occasions, and can well meet the various occasions of business elites. The frame material is made of ultra-light pure titanium and plate imported from Japan, and the mirror body is made of pure titanium vacuum polished. It is made with advanced technology. The glasses are exquisite in workmanship and superior in quality. Has superior smoothness and texture. Casual myopia glasses frame ladies fashion sheet glasses frame These fashionable retro sheet glasses have a sweet, fresh and sexy. The chain temples are wrapped in delicate leather, and the temples pass through the golden chain, which is more luxurious and refined, lining the noble and elegant temperament. It adopts high-end imported resin lens with clear vision and blue coating inside, which has excellent radiation protection function. All-match pure titanium myopia glasses frame ladies casual pure titanium glasses frame All-match shape design, fusion of trend elements, ergonomic concept, suitable size, suitable for a variety of face wear, fashionable and comfortable. The inner curved design makes it more comfortable to wear. The mirror body is customized with imported high-grade materials, the mold is shaped, and the light is delicate and transparent. The glasses also have the characteristics of ultra-light, super toughness, wear resistance and fall resistance, and they also have no nose pressure, no face clamping, no allergies, No burden, light weight, fresh color, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, noble and fashionable advantages
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