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How about Price glasses? _Lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-06
Price spectacle lenses are also highly appreciated in the field of optics. Its lenses are not only made of durable materials, but also designed with the user's experience in mind. The lens is vacuum synthesized from 18 substrates, which effectively improves the performance of the lens in many aspects. Let's take a look at how Price glasses are. Aspherical lenses Price aspherical optical lenses have the advantages of no deformation, no dizziness, high-definition and no distortion, and more comfortable vision. In order to ensure the ideal and perfect protective effect, the international advanced coating equipment and technology are adopted, and the lens is vacuum synthesized by 18 substrates. 18 layers of film and hardening, optimize the wear resistance of the lens, and effectively improve the strength and wear resistance of anti-scratch. The special coating process of Price's eyeglasses can effectively block radiation and ultraviolet rays. The lens has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-reflection, high light transmittance and reducing light divergence. The lens is more resistant to dirt, which not only improves the decorative effect of the lens, but also enhances the clarity and contrast of the lens, improves night vision, and effectively reduces glare. Color-changing lenses Price's color-changing myopia glasses are mainly suitable for mild myopia. The lenses are ultra-thin and have a wide field of vision. Two color-changing lenses are available in tan and grey. Price's color-changing myopia lenses can replace myopia lenses, sunglasses, and computer goggles, and can effectively resist ultraviolet rays, radiation, and glare. The lens is made of high-quality substrate and finished with precision processing. The weight of the lens is almost half of that of the glass lens, which reduces the pressure on the nose during wearing. The light transmittance of the lens is high, so you can see things clearly, and you can enjoy a perfect visual experience. Made of high-quality resin lenses, the lenses have the characteristics of high safety and are not easy to break. Price's color-changing myopia lenses use intelligent color-changing factors, the lenses are transparent, change color quickly, and the color is uniform. The lens automatically changes color by sensing the intensity of the light, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The front surface of the lens is made of metal element anti-radiation super hard mold, high hardness film layer, which can effectively block electromagnetic wave damage. It has the function of computer eye protection. The middle layer, intelligent discoloration and UV protection, fully absorbs UV rays, the rear surface layer, corrects vision to reduce eye fatigue, corrects vision, reduces glare and harmful light stimulation, and relieves eye fatigue.
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