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How about progressive multi-focus reading glasses?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-01
Everyone knows that presbyopia is a natural phenomenon, and after a certain age, presbyopia slowly appears, and the use of reading glasses is also more. Progressive multifocal reading glasses can more comprehensively see the far, middle and near areas, and a pair of progressive multifocal reading glasses can give the elderly a good vision. Let's take a look at how progressive multifocal reading glasses are. Progressive multifocal reading glasses are also called progressive presbyopia, and some are also called progressive multifocal reading glasses. The function is to correct the vision of the elderly so that they can see things better. Compared with ordinary reading glasses, it is very advanced in design. Through research and design, the visual needs of the whole space to see the distance, the middle area and the near area are realized. Progressive multifocal reading glasses can be said to be a more comprehensive solution to the needs of the elderly to see different distances. Asymptotic multifocal reading glasses because their added value increases continuously and gradually in the gradient area, so the wearer can obtain vision at different distances through asymptotic multifocal reading glasses, and progressive multifocal reading glasses conform to physiological optics and adapt better. . It is very convenient to see far and near, and its appearance is better than that of bifocal and trifocal mirrors. However, there is a deformation zone under the lens, which makes the image blurry and irregular, and it generally takes about 1-3 weeks to adapt. In addition, it has a narrow field of view at medium and near distances, and concentrating on a narrow focus point for a long time can easily tire the eyes. Therefore, it is suitable for those who need to alternate vision between far, middle and near. When matching reading glasses, how to choose the same channel for progressive multifocal reading glasses? If the progressive channel is short, the peripheral aberration is relatively less, the field of vision is wider, the progressive channel is short, and the gradient process is fast. In other words, the adaptability is almost the same; the longer the progressive channel, the smaller the field of vision, but because of the longer progressive channel, the gradual process is relatively gentle, and the wearer is easier to adapt to. If you are young, you can choose the short channel, and if you are older, you can use the standard channel. There are still many brands of progressive multi-focus reading glasses in the market. At present, the better ones are Essilor, Nikon, HOYA, SEIKO and SOLA. , Kodak (KODAK), Rogers (ROGERS), Polaroid (POLY), OULE and so on.
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