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How about progressive multifocal reading glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-01
Progressive multifocal reading glasses, is progressive multifocal reading glasses. It is a kind of professional solution to the problem of clarity of vision when seeing distant and close objects in presbyopia, and it is mainly used to correct the problem of presbyopia in middle-aged and elderly people. So how about progressive multi-focus reading glasses? What is the price of progressive multi-focus reading glasses? Today I will take you to find out. Features of Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses Compared with single vision glasses, bifocal glasses, and three-lens reading glasses, the advantages of progressive multifocal reading glasses are: you can have clear vision throughout the process, because the added value of progressive multifocal reading glasses is in the gradual zone. In the case of continuous and gradual increase, under the appropriate head position, wearing a progressive lens can obtain continuous clear vision from the far point to the near point. It is more in line with the characteristics of physiological optics, and the suitability is faster and better. However, with the development of science and technology, progressive multi-focus reading glasses continue to improve their performance and advantages, and also improve the comfort of wearing, and can better meet the needs of more consumers. The price of progressive multi-focal reading glasses The lens of progressive multi-focal reading glasses is deformed in some places, which makes the image blurry and different. In addition, it has a narrower field of view in the near and middle distances, and long-term concentration on the narrow focal point can easily make your eyes tired. It is suitable for people who need to alternate between distant, medium and near vision. Under normal circumstances, the price of progressive multifocal reading glasses differs from the merchant, region, brand and quality of the purchaser, but the price of progressive multifocal reading glasses on the official website is between 180 and 500 yuan. Of course, some products will be less than 180 yuan, or more than 500 yuan. With the development of science and technology, in order to meet the wearer's comfort needs, a variety of high-quality products of progressive multifocal reading glasses have emerged. Nowadays, the use rate of progressive multifocal lenses among middle-aged and elderly people abroad has been quite high. Single-lens and double-lens reading glasses are gradually being replaced by progressive multifocal reading glasses.
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