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How about progressive reading glasses? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-01
Progressive reading glasses can be said to be another popular type of reading glasses on the market. After a person reaches a certain age, the body naturally ages, and presbyopia is an inevitable phenomenon. It is also necessary to wear reading glasses. Progressive multifocal reading glasses can better meet the needs of looking at different distances. It is better than a single function. Reading glasses are more convenient, let’s take a look at how progressive reading glasses are. The advantages of progressive reading glasses can clearly see far and near things. With a proper head position, wearing progressive glasses can clearly see things that are continuous and clear at various distances from the near area to the far area. It has good adaptability. In line with physiology. Progressive presbyopic glasses mainly change the lens power through the center line of sight channel to solve the distance to the far zone, the distance to the middle zone, and the distance to see the near zone. The use of different lens powers helps the wearer reduce the adjustment ability, so that the wearer can be very comfortable. Conveniently see things at different distances. When looking at the distance, the line of sight can be slightly higher than the center of the lens to see the distance. When looking at the middle distance, it can be slightly lower than the center position. When looking close, the head can be moved slightly, and the line of sight can be passed through when looking down. See things in close quarters. Because of the different distances of progressive reading glasses, the eyes should not be adjusted too much, therefore. It can well reduce the burden of eye adjustment. Even if it is worn for a long time, it is not easy to appear dizziness, swelling of the eyes, tearing, etc., and it can do a lot of things well. People who are not suitable for progressive reading glasses (1) After binocular inspection, some unsuitable eye positions are not suitable for this kind of reading glasses. (2) Generally, the difference between the degrees of reading glasses of two eyes cannot be more than 400 degrees. (3) There are certain aspects of the body that are not suitable for wearing this lens, such as diabetes mellitus. (4) If you have an abnormal body, you need to be cautious with progressive reading glasses; if your body is too fat, you need to be cautious when walking with an unstable center of gravity; those with a lot of walking shaking are not suitable for progressive reading glasses; those with poor adaptability to use glasses are also not suitable. How to equip progressive reading glasses requires scientific optometry, including the interpupillary distance of the side eyes, etc. The Hong Kong-style optometry is used in life, which is accurate and reliable. It is necessary to confirm that you are wearing progressive reading glasses after the test. The choice of lenses should be those with filtering effects, such as gray-blue lenses or brown lenses, to protect the retina of the eyes. Choose the frame of the big frame. In order to ensure that you can see things at different distances clearly, the big lens with the big frame can be better satisfied. And the full frame groove can cover the thickness of the edge of the lens.
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