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by:Eugenia     2022-02-08
Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) is the world's top sunglasses brand, and its popularity is unknown to everyone. Ray-Ban sunglasses were born in the American air pilots, which are designed to protect the pilots' eyes from irregular glare and ultraviolet rays during the flight. Relying on advanced technology and excellent technology, we have created a series of polarized sunglasses products, which have been affirmed and supported by people all over the world. How about Ray-Ban sunglasses, let's take a look together. The characteristics of Ray-Ban sunglasses <1>. Lenses: As a brand in the United States at first, it can block the strong light in the sky. Ray-Ban lenses are made of high-quality optical glass, which brings many outstanding advantages to consumers in various countries. It has an extraordinary 100% protection against sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and it fully complies with the American ANSI Z80.3, European EN1836 and Australian AS 1067 quality management standards. The lens has also been precisely designed and polished, so there will be no optical deviation, higher visual clarity, and no eye fatigue and headaches during wearing. <2> Frame: The design of the Ray-Ban sunglasses frame is the same as the lens, the material is extremely durable, and the wearing feel is always comfortable, and it is very considerate. Both the positioning and mounting of the double screws give the lens a permanent fixed position; the strict distortion test ensures the toughness and stability of the frame; the curved design of the mirror wall is particularly considerate to the skin of the face; It has super-strong impact resistance and fully guarantees the safety of the eyes. <3> Nose pads: they are embedded in the gooseneck type nose pads, which can move in multiple directions, provide more comfortable supporting force, and let the wearer have the most comfortable experience. Ray-Ban sunglasses model series RB3025, RB2132, RB4165, RB3016, RB8301, RB3460, RB3026, RB4170, RB2168, RB2140F, RB3490, etc. Among them, RB3025 was the first to be designed and produced for the needs of the American air. The design of its sunglasses retains the original classic shape and forms a timeless classic. This model of sunglasses has become the iconic style of the new century. How about Ray-Ban sunglasses? Since its establishment, Ray-Ban has been the best-selling sunglasses brand in the world. Ray-Ban sunglasses have always adhered to high-quality and elegant design, and have a 100% blocking function of harmful light. The polarizing film technology used nowadays reduces the damage of light to the eyes to a greater extent, so no matter what the situation, it is always comfortable, healthy and safe to wear.
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